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Love at First Sight

A Glimpse at the Shumiatchers as Art Collectors

by NAC contributor Iryn Tushabe, September 2015

Jacqui Shumiatcher’s love for collecting art is matched only by her passion for sharing it. In the 1960s,...

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A History of the Regina Artist Guilds


Artist guilds have been a feature of the Saskatchewan art landscape for decades, as groups have come together to build strong communities of painters, potters, wood-turners,...

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Norman MacKenzie

A Portrait of the Collector

by NAC contributor Iryn Tushabe

In 2012 Regina’s MacKenzie Art Gallery hosted an...

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Peter Rupchan

Saskatchewan's Pioneer Potter

by NAC contributor Judith Silverthorne

When Peter Rupchan first homesteaded in 1905 in the Usherville region of Saskatchewan, he spent much of his time digging little...

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Roger Ing's Utopia

by NAC contributor Judith Silverthorne

The name Roger Ing could be considered synonymous with the word phenomenon, albeit in some circles of the art world he’s...

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