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Featuring Saskatchewan Artist(s): Terry Fenton

2009, paperback, 104 pages, written by Terry Fenton
Published by Hagios Press, Regina

A thoughtful and informative guide to understanding art for collectors, students, and anyone looking for insight into what they see on gallery walls.

Pictures of one kind or another surround us in our everyday lives, so much so that we assume they been with us forever. Not so. In this readable and witty account, Terry Fenton takes the reader on a journey through the history and characteristics of this omnipresent aspect of our art and culture. Over thirty colour images, many drawn from the collections of great museums, bring depth and understanding to various art periods, styles and genres. As the title suggests, About Pictures is about pictures: what they are, where and when they arose, how to use them, and how to sort them out.

About Pictures was born of Terry Fenton's long career as a gallery director, curator, and critic. It is written with the aim to help students, art collectors and gallery visitors develop confidence in ability to see and form their own opinions about the pictures they see in museums and everyday life. In addition to brief essays that provide a solid grounding on the elements of art, the book features pointed questions that shed light on the fundamentals of art and art history. No one interested in painting and photography can afford not to have About Pictures on their shelf or in their hands as they look at pictures in galleries and museums or in their own homes.

ISBN 978-0-9783440-9-2

NAC Item Number: B0036

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