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Joe Norris - Painted Visions of Nova Scotia


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Hardcover - 152 pages - 9 x 10.6 inches - first edition - 2000 by Art Gallery of Nova Scotia

Used - Excellent condition -- like new - except dedication and signature on frontispiece (possibly from the author Bernard Riordon). Out of Print. Cover price is $45

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia has released the first comprehensive book on the art of Joe Norris, one of Canada’s greatest folk artists. The book was published in conjunction with a major show of Norris’s work which opened November 25, 2000 at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia and toured the country through 2003. Joe Norris was one of Nova Scotia’s greatest folk artists. He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and lived in Lower Prospect, Halifax County. For much of his life, he worked as a fisherman and construction worker. At the age of 49, a severe heart attack forced him into retirement and, at the encouragement of a visiting nurse who provided him with materials and prodded him to do a little painting each day, he began to make pictures for himself and for friends. Joe Norris is probably best known for his brilliantly coloured scenes of the rocky coves of Nova Scotia, his paintings of seagulls (sitting on islands or sprinkled about the cove), his hot pink horizons, animals and ships, his paintings of winter night scenes, invariably (and appropriately) titled Starry Night.

ISBN: 978-0864923189

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