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Legacy of Stone


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Saskatchewan's Stone Buildings

2008, paperback, 232 pages, written by Margaret Hryniuk and Frank Korvemaker, photographs by Larry Easton.
Published by Coteau Books, Regina. Currently out of print.

A spectacular coffee-table book featuring the images and stories of some of Saskatchewan’s most impressive stone buildings, along with historical notes on some of the builders who made them.

In words and stunning colour pictures, this book tells the history and  the current reality of over 50 fieldstone buildings in Saskatchewan. The book includes an introduction by Bernie Flaman, the provincial Heritage Architect, a historical overview, and profiles of several of Saskatchewan’s most prominent stonemasons. The balance of the book is made up of stories of the buildings ­ farmhouses, homes in urban communities, places of worship, public buildings and ruins. Margaret Hryniuk uses her years of experience in journalism to present factual yet fascinating accounts of the buildings and what is known of the people who put them there. Larry Easton’s spectacular photographs  bring these beautiful stone buildings to life, and Frank Korvemaker examines the dimensions and differences of the fieldstone that inhabits the Saskatchewan landscape.

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